Carolyn K. Suzuki, Ph.D.

Dr. Suzuki received her Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University conducting her thesis research with Richard D. Klausner, M.D. at the National Institutes of Health, USA where she studied protein quality control mechanisms in the secretory pathway, ensuring the T-cell antigen receptor is properly expressed on the plasma membrane.

She was a post-doctoral fellow with Gottfried Schatz, Ph.D. at the Biozentrum at the University of Basel, Switzerland where she embarked on studies focusing on the function of ATP-dependent proteases and chaperones in mitochondrial biogenesis and proteostasis.

Since joining New Jersey Medical School, the Suzuki Lab has contributed to understanding the impact of the mitochondrial ATP-dependent LonP1 protease in regulating mitochondrial DNA maintenance and expression, energy metabolism and disease pathogenesis. Her lab is also exploring post-translational modifications that regulate TFAM, which is an essential activator of mitochondrial transcription and a key participant in mitochondrial DNA replication.

Phone: (973) 972-1555

Honors and Awards

NJMS Faculty Mentoring Award- Basic Sciences, 2021
NJMS Golden Apple Award, 2018 NJMS Golden Apple Award, 2017
NJMS Faculty Teaching Award- Basic Sciences, 2014
BeHeard Award sponsored by Rare Genomics Institute, 2016
Invited Professorship, Université Paris Institut Jacques Monod, June 1-30. 2009
Basil O’Connor Scholars Award March of Dimes, 1999-2002
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, 1993-1996
Pre-Doctoral Associateship Award National Research Council, 1991-1993
Pre-Doctoral Intramural Research Training Award National Institutes of Health, 1989-1991


Course Directorships and Lectures for New Jersey Medical School and School of Graduate Studies
Foundations of Body Systems EDUC6100K, Co-Director
Cardiovascular System EDUC6102K, Co-Director 2017-present
Genitourinary Endocrine System EDUC7101K, Co-Director 2016-2022
Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease BIOC 5030Q, Director, 2008-2015
Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids BIOC 5070Q (1 lecture) 2000-present
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences (IBMS) GSND 5200Q (3 lectures) 2000-present
Dental Biochemistry BIOC 7102D (2 lectures, 4 PBLs) 2002-present
Seminars in Biomedical Sciences MSBS 5910Q (1 lecture) 2008-present
Fundamentals B- Cell Biology GSND N500B 3 lectures (3 lectures) 2013-present


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